hidden configuration dot files

Updated 2 weeks ago

Random snippets of useful (for me) pieces of information, quick reminders, ideas...

Updated 3 months ago

A Simple and Trivial IPv6 stack for Arduino

Updated 8 months ago

A snake game clone for Commodore home computers

Updated 9 months ago

Shell 0 0

Useful (for me) collection of small shell scripts

Updated 10 months ago

Simple and Trivial Kernel for Advanced Reduced Instruction Set Computer Machines

Updated 2 years ago

Smart supermarket toy implementation for Networked Embedded Systems exam on Launchpad CC2650 with contiki-ng

Updated 2 years ago

IoT wireless sensors network simulation, a small project for the Advanced Networks and Wireless Systems exam

Updated 2 years ago

Demoscene italiana sul COVID-19: giochi, animazioni

Updated 2 years ago