Random snippets of useful (for me) pieces of information, quick reminders, ideas...

Updated 13 hours ago

Video image generator superimposition for analog PAL signals, with Atmega328, for your retro OSD titles

Updated 4 weeks ago

hidden configuration dot files

Updated 2 months ago

A Simple and Trivial IPv6 stack for Arduino

Updated 11 months ago

A snake game clone for Commodore home computers

Updated 1 year ago

Shell 0 0

Useful (for me) collection of small shell scripts

Updated 1 year ago

Simple and Trivial Kernel for Advanced Reduced Instruction Set Computer Machines

Updated 2 years ago

Smart supermarket toy implementation for Networked Embedded Systems exam on Launchpad CC2650 with contiki-ng

Updated 2 years ago

IoT wireless sensors network simulation, a small project for the Advanced Networks and Wireless Systems exam

Updated 2 years ago

Demoscene italiana sul COVID-19: giochi, animazioni

Updated 2 years ago