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giomba 6054d97cf6 binaries for version v1.2 11 months ago
giomba 9c902abb59 intro/demo: show PETSCII brand name + forbid intro skip 11 months ago
giomba a8319e9fb7 refactoring: macro for memset, memcpy, mov_word_mem 11 months ago
giomba 6e0d335b83 polishing 11 months ago
giomba 157c8598e6 doc: custom semi-graphic chars 11 months ago
giomba db8707bebf refactoring: reorganize syntax sugar for segments handling 11 months ago
giomba f67017c9a6 makefile: remove unused variable 11 months ago
giomba 85ac2cf971 refactoring: wip: move code segments 11 months ago
giomba 51477cff9d some code documentation + memset macro 11 months ago
giomba b19754f3d5 "snake" movement is more fluid 1 year ago
giomba 61515025a5 stable bounce 1 year ago
giomba d13e88b0fd moustache notation 1 year ago
giomba 493d69f669 magic moustaches fixed 1 year ago
giomba a41ae70993 proper intro 1 year ago
giomba 05ed319d93 new demo/intro draft 1 year ago
giomba 2c4130899c updated memory map with new sid 1 year ago
giomba c8199e7144 updated sid tune 1 year ago
giomba a82c9e94fe disk and tape loader 1 year ago
giomba 2f6a4e6735 cartridge + prg binary added in distribution directory 2 years ago
giomba f81f087a13 fixed plain .prg version 2 years ago
giomba 55e0a550ea fixed font name 2 years ago
giomba 999844460a ported lzgmini_6502 for dasm, and embedded in this game's code 2 years ago
giomba bb17b78251 updated LICENSE 2 years ago
giomba fa2269afb8 compression routine for cartridge version, temporarily deprecates tape version 2 years ago
giomba d61a7bf284 dual version: prg + cartridge (8k) 2 years ago
giomba 8b8cb19651 current development repository added to readme 2 years ago
giomba 1a6f4bb078 link to the binary file 2 years ago
giomba f426a6d4d7 added distribution binary file .prg 2 years ago
giomba e67a84d669 small fix 2 years ago
giomba e548f48e72 added cute screenshot 2 years ago
giomba 72d5e6b33e to pass the level, you have to get at least 0x40 (64) points 2 years ago
giomba 541f3225c1 added some levels 2 years ago
giomba 86ec781787 levels rotation (first -> second -> ... -> last -> first -> ...) 2 years ago
giomba 977c3cf0e6 printString subroutine generalization 2 years ago
giomba 4498d045de level change + score management 2 years ago
giomba cd1820d834 level introduction screen 2 years ago
giomba 22a5feb2a1 level loading colors with memory saving 3 years ago
giomba 90cc0dbabd final restyling of the custom charset 3 years ago
giomba fcdea3cc08 charset organization improved + doc 3 years ago
giomba c33178ceac some better colors 3 years ago
giomba e828776a14 tiles loaded from level RLE binary now have color 3 years ago
giomba 5f85203028 commented code for level loading 3 years ago
giomba 5fb94c3162 level layout is unpacked on screen correctly 3 years ago
giomba f628645740 first level draft - level txt parser 3 years ago
giomba 70b2b7ad47 repository organization fix 3 years ago
giomba de38d95b74 Unused bug tracker 4 years ago
giomba 5d9248e580 Big memory and repository reorganization 4 years ago
giomba 868d1e6253 Moved gamereset routine to external file 4 years ago
giomba fcc479eaed Tabs to space, official vim adoption 4 years ago
giomba bb86656068 Moved costants to external file 4 years ago