A snake game clone for Commodore home computers
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ASM=$(wildcard src/*.asm)
RES=res.bin/amour2.sid res.bin/levels.bin res.bin/unlzg.bin
.PHONY: debug env clean all
all: bin/snake6502.bin bin/snake6502.d64
bin/snake6502.bin: bin/snake.pack.lz
dasm src/cart.asm -Isrc/ -f3 -T1 -sbuild/cart.symbols.txt -obin/snake6502.bin
bin/snake6502.d64: bin/loader.prg
c1541 -format "snake6502,01" d64 bin/snake6502.d64
c1541 -attach bin/snake6502.d64 -write bin/loader.prg loader
c1541 -attach bin/snake6502.d64 -write bin/snake.pack.lz.prg packlz
bin/loader.prg: bin/snake.pack.lz.prg
dasm src/loader.asm -Isrc/ -f1 -sbuild/loader.sybols.txt -obin/loader.prg
bin/snake.prg: bin/snake.pack
dasm src/prg.asm -Isrc/ -f1 -T1 -sbuild/prg.symbols.txt -obin/snake.prg
bin/snake.pack: env $(ASM) $(RES) bin/explodefont
dasm src/main.asm -Isrc/ -DSYSTEM=64 -DDEBUG=$(DEBUG) -f3 -T1 -sbuild/pack.symbols.txt -obin/snake.pack
bin/snake.pack.lz: bin/snake.pack liblzg/src/tools/lzg
liblzg/src/tools/lzg bin/snake.pack > bin/snake.pack.lz
bin/snake.pack.lz.prg: bin/snake.pack.lz
echo -n -e "\x00\x80" > bin/snake.pack.lz.prg
cat bin/snake.pack.lz >> bin/snake.pack.lz.prg
cd liblzg/src && make
rm -rf {build,bin,res.bin}
mkdir -p {build,bin,res.bin}
bin/explodefont: util/explodefont.cpp
g++ -o bin/explodefont util/explodefont.cpp
cp res.org/amour2.sid res.bin/amour2.sid
res.bin/levels.bin: bin/level res.org/levels.txt
bin/level < res.org/levels.txt > res.bin/levels.bin
cp res.org/unlzg.bin res.bin/unlzg.bin
bin/level: util/rlevel.cpp
g++ -o bin/level util/rlevel.cpp